May 2021 - Monthly Dividend Portfolio Update

Dividend Income: $109 | Yield: 5.36% | Value: $23,918

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During May, the markets were erratic at times as investors digested solid corporate earnings and accelerating inflation. It was a 'Sell in May, and Go Away' kind of month. As a result, technology stocks took a lot of heat.

To end the month, the S&P 500 was up 0.55%, the Dow was up 1.93% and the Nasdaq was down 1.53%.


  • President Biden released his $6 trillion budget, which included his $4 trillion American Jobs Plan and American Families Plan bills as well as a tax increase to help pay for the expenditures.

  • Demand is exceeding supply, resulting in increased bottlenecks, labor shortages, and  higher inflation. As a result of stimulus, savings, and more reopenings, Q2 growth forecasts are historically high. 

  • Inflation in April beat estimates by 0.6% and gained 1.6% to 4.2% YoY, which is the highest since September 2008.

  • According to Bloomberg Intelligence, the Q1 earnings growth rate for the S&P 500 stands at 53%.

  • As of May, 40% of the U.S. population is now fully vaccinated.

Let’s do the numbers.

May Summary

Value: $23,918 | Gain: $286 | Return:▲1.05% | Dividends: $109 | Investment: $1,000

In May, I received $109 in dividend income, and my portfolio gained $286 in value, or 3.32%. And yes, for the first time since March of 2020, I took some money out from my portfolio. Previously, I had only re-balanced my portfolio without taking any money out.

I needed some cash for a purchase and instead of borrowing from the credit card, I decided to sell. That’s one of the benefits of investing using a taxable income instead of a retirement account. 

I sold some of my holdings in Altria, JP Morgan, Blackrock, Camden, Cisco, Extra Space Storage and Ventas. I made $933 profit without dividends and $1,026 in profit with dividends.

Dividends Received

In May, I received $109 in dividends from the following companies:

  • SBUX: $1.17

  • CAT: $0.81

  • TXN: $3.37

  • PG: $1.95

  • HAS: $0.10

  • ACN:$0.80

  • OKE: $0.26

  • COST: $0.57

  • AAPL: $1.22

  • DE: $0.77

  • APD: $1.34

  • MA: $0.53

  • LOW: $1.02

  • VZ: $3.76

  • INTC: $2.95

  • V: $0.70

  • WMT: $1.75

  • WFC: $0.70

  • XYLD: $27.53

  • QYLD: $58.00

Portfolio All-time (6/8/2021)

Value: $24,078 | Gain: $1,866 | Return: ▲8.4% | Link to portfolio: M1 Finance | Website | Excel

Projected Dividend Income

Annual: $1,303 | Monthly: $108

That’s it for this month. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback. It’s always wonderful to hear from you.

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