June 2020 - Monthly Dividend Portfolio Update

Value: $7,305 | Gain: +$84 | Return: ▲1.5% | Dividends: $8

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Month of June

For the month, the S&P 500 was up 1.8%, the Dow was up 1.7% and the Nasdaq was up 6%.

The benchmark index for dividend investors, the S&P 500, is up 39% since the market bottomed on March 23, 2020. But it’s still down 4% year-to-date.

Q2 2020

S&P 500 closed up 20%, its best quarter since Q4 1998 when the index gained 21%. The Dow closed up 18%, its best quarter since Q1 1987 when it gained 22%. The tech-heavy Nasdaq closed up 31% for the second quarter, its best quarter since Q4 1999 when it gained 48% during the peak of the dot com bubble.

Even though many working adults are now unemployed, the stock market is having a record streak. So what gives?

It’s a combination of stimulus, reopenings, and an expectation that a vaccine will be available soon. Not to mention, the speculators are driving up the stock market as zero-cost apps like Robinhood have made it too easy for dumb money to flow in.

However, the latest unemployment numbers look encouraging. The unemployment rate fell again in June, now down to 11%, from a peak of 15% back in April. As states reopen, this number will get better. As long as the net number - people losing their jobs minus people getting jobs - keeps improving, the unemployment rate will keep trending down.

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My June 2020 - Monthly Dividend Portfolio Update

June Summary

Value: $7,305
Return: ▲1.5%
Dividends: $8
Investment: $2,950

Portfolio All-time

Value: $7,438
Gain: +$711
Return: ▲25%
Link to portfolio: M1 Finance

Projected Dividend Income

Annual: $199
Monthly: $17

As you already know, I invest in lists (or pies) of stocks using M1 Finance.

  1. 14 Dividend Stock Picks Based on Harvard Business Review Best CEOs List

  2. 15 Dividend Stock Picks Based on Glassdoor's Best Places to Work List

  3. 22 Dividend Stock Picks Based on Forbes Most Valuable Brands

I created another list towards the tail end of the last month. You can check it out on M1 Finance. I will share more information about The Just 100 companies with you in a couple of weeks.



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